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About Us

The Museum allows you to grow your historical knowledge Covering over 150 years of local unionist history you will learn more than you ever thought possible!

Starting in1850's we will take you on a journey through history landing back in the present day. This website will not only give you access  to artefacts from many wars over the years but also stories and interviews with people who have lived though it.

We are dedicated to enhancing the minds of our visitors educating them on a wide range of topic's including the forming of the 36th Ulster Division from the Ulster Volunteer Force in 1916, the signing of the Ulster Covenant in the early 1900's and stories from the H blocks in the Long Kesh during the local troubles.


The Museum was formed over 15 years ago and went from strength to strength building our collection to one off the biggest private collections in Northern Ireland covering local history from many conflicts effecting our "wee country"

We are changing and evolving all the time consistently offering new stories and exhibitions to allow you to relive history understanding the struggles and sacrifices made by our fathers and ancestors for the defence off our country!

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