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Henry Dickson


This exhibit is dedicated to Henry Dickson, a barber who joined the Ulster Division and went to France to fight in the the 1st World War.


Henry who took the scissors and shears on display to the frontline in France cut many soliders hairs serving in the war. Unfortunately Henry got injured in a mustard gas attack and was moved to a field hospital to aid his recovery. When in Hospital Henry met Sarah Nagraine a nurse assigned to look after him when he recovered and over time they got romantically involved.  


After the war Henry and Sarah moved to Mersey Street Belfast and got married, they had several children together and played both played a big role in St Patrick’s Church were there is a stain glass window in remembrance to them. Unfortunately, Henry died some years later suffering the effects of the mustard gas.


The scissors and shears on display made their way to the 2nd World War, Henry and Sarah's son also a Barber and served in the army followed the family tradation.


The scissors and shears on display were donated to the museum by Henry's Great Grandson. 

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