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Martini- Henry

The Martini–Henry was used by the British Army for nearly 50 years, 1st entering service in 1871 the Martini was a breech loading single shot rifle with a lever action, before being replaced by the Snider Enfield. The Martini had 4 main versions.

Mark I - 1871

Mark II

Mark III

Mark IV - 1889


There was also an 1877 carbine version with variations that included a Garrison Artillery Carbine, an Artillery Carbine (Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III), and smaller versions designed as training rifles for military cadets. Although the last version was replaced in 1889 the Martini was used for many year more including in the 1st World War. 


Although the Snider Enfield rifle was the first official breech loader firing metallic cartridge in regular service for the British Army, the Martini rifle was designed from the outset as a breech loader rifle and was both faster firing and the rounds travelled further than the Snider.


The below rife (1) is a UVF stamped Rifle &amp with the Bayonet coming from the Clyde Valley.
This Clyde Valley was a ship that brought a shipment of weapons into Ulster in 1914.

The Rifle without the stamp (2) Arrived via an old coal smuggling route which run from Scotland to
Donegal before making its way into the hands of the UVF in Enniskillen.

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